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Lockport, Illinois

b. 1936

The early 70's

This is a journey in the early 70s that began with a lone employee reporting for work in his basement in 1971, accelerated with the World Premiere of Automatic Bowing Scoring near the end of 1971, took a turn upon receipt of a $25,000 order for CAMAC products from Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, took another turn with the emergence of the new CAMAC serial highway in 1974, and, at the beginning of 1975, arrived at the establishing of KineticSystems International (KSI) in Geneva, Switzerland.

During this period of time, the company's Lockport (IL) location went from basement to bowling alley to vacant downtown bank building to a new 4000 square-foot building at Route 171 and Maryknoll drive.

There'a reason for all the happy faces in the picture below. This group of 37 are the people of KineticSystems in December, 1974, who have just met a major deadline and shipped 35 serial crate controllers to Dr. Busse at Hahn Meitner Institute (HMI) in Berlin. You can identify most of the people in the picture (taken in the new facility on Maryknoll drive) by using your mouse pointer. The pattern in the floor, made up of black, white and red tiles, was determined by a random number generator.

In four years the company has gone from a basement start-up to shipping the latest high-performance data-acquisition devices to a world market.

  • Janet Hutchinson

  • Jim Stephenson

  • Mary Lou Velimer

  • Lowell Klaisner

  • Karen Vrba (Matejcak)

  • Bill Martin

  • Melanie Lydigsen

  • Evelyn Turk

  • Gloria Mahr

  • Carol Schoppe

  • Sandra Hutchinson

  • Chip Lyon

  • Bootsie Haasl

  • Sally Strong

  • Buddie Heeg

  • Annette Perkins

  • Mike Hayes

  • Sandie LaMantia

  • Randy Kolb

  • Ed Pilarcyk

  • Jim O'Donnell

  • Bernie Burke

  • Bob Fuss

  • John Vreuls

  • Laurie Pike

  • Bob LaTour

  • Shirley Stephenson

  • Bob Cleary

  • Bob Nielson

  • Brett Bielby