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Lockport, Illinois

b. 1936

Maintaining the organ

Items located in the Console

Removing side and back panels

The side and back panels are held in place by magnetic fasteners located on the inside of the panels near the top. To remove a panel, attach a suction device to the panel near the top and pull out.

Items in the Console Swell/Choir side
  • Stop switches for Swell and Choir
  • Piston relays
  • Florescent light "starters" (3)
This picture shows the wiring for the stop switches on the Swell and Choir manuals. There is a diode in series with each switch that allows banks of switches to be "preset" for particular "combinations" and selected via the "piston" relays. The circuit diagram is Figure 2.7-1 in Topic 2.7 of Part ("Section") II of the Maintenance Manual.
This picture shows the relays that are operated by 20 push-buttons ("pistons") and cause the desired preset combination(s) to become active. The circuit diagram is "Preset Circuit," Figure 2.7-1 in Topic 2.7 of Part ("Section") II of the Maintenance Manual.

Circuit diagrams located in Part II of the Organ Service Manual that are related to power distribution are the following Figures:
  • 3.1-1 Application of Power Supplies
  • 3.2-1 Location of Power Supplies,
  • 3.3-1 Expression Power Supply Circuit
  • 3.3-2 Preamp Power Summply Circuit
  • 3.3-4 Power Amplifier Power Supply
  • 3.4-1 AC Power Fusing and Distribution
  • 3.5-1 Expression Power Supply Fusing and Distribution
  • 3.5-2 Preamp Power Supply Fusing and Distribution
  • 3.5-3 Relay Power Supply Fusing and Distribution
  • 3.5-4 Organ Ground Paths
This picture shows the starters and ballasts for the 3 flourescent lights on the Swell/Choir side of the console. If a light is not working properly, the cause can be either a defective light or defective starter. The circuit diagram for lighting is in Figure 3.4-1 in Topic 3.4 of Part II of the Maintenance Manual.
Items in the Console Back
  • Oscillator “attack” resistors
  • 4 variable power supplies that supply power
    to the oscillators (one for each organ division)
  • Manual coupler gang relays
  • Pedal coupler gang relays
Items in the Console Great/Pedal side
  • Stop contacts (Great and Pedal)
  • Florescent starters (5)